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Tristan Cottin Storyboard Artist
tristan cottin resume.jpg

Tristan Cottin / Storyboarder

Hi !

 I'm a storyboard artist based in Valence (France).

Former student of Supinfocom (Mopa), I also graduated from the 7 months stroryboard training at ECAS with
House of Cool and Team To :)

Mamie t'emmerde !


A short film I made for my portfolio.

"Mamie is fed up with young people doing cartwheels on their scooters in front of her council flat. In a battle with them, she discovers that she has a hidden talent..."

# tristan cottin / storyboard / short film

Toy Story animatic


I made this short Toy Story animatic with my own pitch at ECAS :
( training supervised by House of cool and Team)

"Woody wakes up in the middle of the night with a strange urge to go to the toilet because Bonnie made him drink tea while playing with the dinette. But none of the toys understand what's going on, because no one has ever drunk anything !"

# tristan cottin / storyboard / toy story

Special project


a test for a special project

# tristan cottin / storyboard / action

Nirvana Police


Here is the trailer of my short film Nirvana police :

"A young policeman falls in love with a black panther. An erotic and crazy musical."

( Anima Festival , Belgium, 2015, International competition )

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